We monetize mobile traffic. We subscribe users to digital services. We work based on performance & on a global scale.

Mobile Performance Agency


We work with real 3G inventory. We focus our effort on making a perfect match between user's demand and client's offers, which results in a satisfying average revenue per user


We have a close relation and a prioritized access to VAS services with an explosive performance in real time, by country and by mobile operator, allowing us to pay more for each 1000 clicks


Typically, we become close friends of our partners
Arpuads is a User Acquisition and Monetization marketing agency

About arpuads

We are team of friends who work alongside with digital marketing companies and individuals, with the mobile at their heart, to acquire meaningful mobile users and create loyalty towards the products subscribed.

We know traffic in all its spectrum and we know VAS services and the preferred flows in each market. We work globally, we speak several languages and we are almost always online!


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